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On the evening of June 23, Beijing, the dual Olympic city, ushered in the first International Olympic Day after the 2022 Winter Olympics. The three major venues "Bird's Nest", "Ice Cube" and "Ice Ribbon" were lit at the same time to honor the Olympic spirit. The sustainable use of Winter Olympic venues is a focus of public attention. After upgrades, the venues will serve major international and domestic events and will become public fitness and leisure facilities.

“双奥之城”北京迎来冬奥会后首个国际奥林匹克日。当晚,作为“双奥之城”的标志性场馆群,“鸟巢”“冰立方”“冰丝带”集体亮灯,共同传递奥林匹克精神。冬奥场馆的可持续利用是冬奥会后公众关注的焦点。场馆全新升级后将继续做好国际国内重大活动和群众文化体验及冰雪健身 服务保障工作



On June 23, a radio gymnastics competition in Beijing started online. This event is to promote the ninth set of radio gymnastics broadcasts in Beijing and encourage the public to exercise. People can participate using an App called Yuedongquan and the WeChat mini app - Beijing Jianshen Hui. This event uses an artificial-intelligence scoring system. Radio broadcast Gymnastics has been a popular fitness activity in China.



Policies and funding in the field of scientific research in Beijing have yielded fruitful results. For four consecutive years, Beijing has topped the Nature Index- Science Cities list for contributing the most to scientific advancement. Beijing ranks first in the world in the number of "highly cited scientists". The number of invention patents per 10,000 people in Beijing is 10 times the national average. The number of national science and technology awards won by researchers in Beijing accounts for about 30% of the country.



155 major projects in Beijing are open to private capital investment. According to the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, 111 projects applied for 74.56 billion Yuan of private capital, the highest level in 5 years. Another 44 projects intend to apply for private capital with the exact amount pending.





According to the 2022 China International Travel Mart (CITM) press conference held in Beijing on June 23, the exhibition area of the event will be 70,000 square meters with 2,500 standard booths. Exhibition areas of the Palace Museum and the National Museum are new addition of this annual event, which showcases culture and tourism innovation products online and offline.



Beijing's Emergency Center launched an advanced life support system with online support on June 23. The system can provide standardized self-rescue and mutual-rescue life-saving technical guidance to callers. This is the first online first aid guidance system independently developed in China. The system initially supports 11 rescue scenarios, including cardiac arrest, airway blockage and severe trauma. In the future, it will be expanded to 20 support scenarios.


国家博物馆启动建馆110周年系列活动 多项展览提上日程

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the National Museum of China. Many exhibitions, including the museum's archaeological achievements exhibition, are on the agenda showcasing the museum’s high standards of curation, protection, research and display of cultural relics. The National Museum was originally the "Preparatory Office of the National History Museum" established in Beijing on July 9, 1912.

今年是国博建馆110周年,包括国家博物馆考古成果展”在内的多项展览将在年内推出。 展示国家博物馆在文物收藏、保护、研究、展示等方面取得的成果。国家博物馆前身可追溯至1912年7月9日在北京国子监成立的“国立历史博物馆筹备处”。


Beijing recently introduced 16 measures to promote college graduates’ employment. Entrepreneurship support, skill trainings, assistance for students with difficult family backgrounds are among the services available. The city will further create job opportunities in the fields of basic medical and health care, elderly care services and social work. Beijing will also provide financial support to innovative entrepreneurship projects by college graduates.



Covid-19 vaccination campaign is ongoing in Beijing's Haidian District. Haidian District provides free vaccination services in residential communities for seniors with limited mobility. So far, in the district, nearly 50,000 people over the age of 80 have received the first dose of the vaccine.



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